Pacifica Investigation Report

On exhibit are portions of the Pacifica Investigation Report that was prepared in 2000 by ADR Associates LLC. a firm that provides neutral services in employment disputes to investigate a complaint of gender discrimination by Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! The report carried out by Carol Wittenberg is based on interviews with Steve Yasko, Dan Coughlin, Don Rish, Garland Ganter, Patricia Guadalupe, Laurie Iyama, Julie Drizen, Gillian Aldrich, and Mark Bevis.

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1. Addendum:

7. Excluded
2.Complaint 8.Duties
3. Castro 9. Difficult
4. Rules 10. Julie
5. Nation 11. Overtime Pay
6. Hiring 12. Accustaory
  13. Living

The Decline of Pacifica